Family Law & Divorce Document Preparation in San Diego

Let Us Handle the Paperwork for You

When it comes to the area of family law, there are many documents, forms, and petitions that must be filled out and filed with court and other pertinent entities. At Claery & Hammond, LLP we provide assistance to individuals and families needing help with document preparation and we oversee the entire process to make sure that the proper documents are completed on time in the correct way. No matter what type of family legal issue you or your family may be facing, a family attorney from our firm can help you.

Types of Documents We Prepare

An attorney from our firm will provide both you and your family with the legal advice you will need during this time, as well as legal document preparation and filing assistance for the following family legal issues:

  • Divorce: An attorney from our firm will prepare and help you file your paperwork from start to finish for an uncontested divorce or a divorce in which both parties are willing to seek a negotiated settlement, such as a collaborative divorce. Even if you cannot agree, we can assist you in preparing to present your case to a judge.
  • Child Custody & Visitation: We will help you draft and file custody and visitation agreements and recommend modification as appropriate. We can also file a request to modify custody and visitation schedules.
  • Child Support Orders: We will analyze child support payments and recommend modification as appropriate.
  • Spousal Support & Alimony:We will help you determine how much alimony you are entitled to receive or obligated to pay.
  • Paternity:We guide you through the DNA testing process if paternity is contested. And we can draft and file a petition to set rules for custody, visitation and support.
  • Grandparent Rights: In appropriate cases, prepare a request for visitation and/or custody or guardianship.

The lawyers at our firm seek to reduce or eliminate completely the hassle and stress of working through the San Diego family court system. Contact our team if you need caring representation and knowledgeable legal counsel to help prepare your family law documents.

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