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Our San Diego divorce attorneys at Claery & Hammond, LLP are dedicated to providing individuals and families with the knowledgeable representation that is needed to effectively address any of the issues that may arise in divorce and family law proceedings. Throughout our years of practice, we have led countless clients through the family court system and we are prepared to offer the proven legal counsel required to give your case the best opportunity to achieve a successful ruling. Because we believe you deserve to have the resources you need to determine the best choice for your family, we keep you updated and informed of your case as it develops.

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The breakdown of a marriage is difficult on all members of the family and it is important to take proper steps to help lessen divorce's impact on the people you love. Couples often file for divorce without being fully aware of the options that are available for their situations. There are many methods that can be used when filing for divorce or when terminating a marriage and these options must be carefully analyzed before making any decisions.

If you would like to consult with us about your case, call (619) 299-2008 as soon as possible. We offer free and confidential consultations, so speak with us today.

We proudly handle contested and uncontested divorce matters as well as other family-related legal matters. No matter what your case involves, we can work with you to find a solution that is unique to your family.

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Perhaps the most emotional and complex cases are those that involve a couple's children. Parents may seek the court's intervention in a number of different scenarios, and these issues can involve both divorcing couples and couples who never married. Child custody and support disputes are often very volatile, as the outcome of these types of cases will have significant implications on a parent's relationship with their children and their financial security.

We understand how important the outcomes of these types of cases are to your family and your children, and you can be confident that our firm will work tirelessly to pursue a beneficial ruling on your behalf.

Our firm is committed to providing the people of San Diego with caring and effective representation, and we would be proud to serve your family in any legal issue you are facing. By enlisting a proven attorney from Claery & Hammond, LLP for your case, you can rest assured that you will receive nothing less than dedicated and exceptional counsel to help you pursue the best resolution for your situation.

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