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Firm Overview

If you are like many people throughout San Diego, chances are you have a pressing legal issue bearing down on your shoulders. Divorce, domestic violence, and restraining orders are just a few of the most common types of legal matters involving families across California, and if you or a loved one is in the midst of one of these issues or is thinking about making a drastic change in your life, it is best to seek advice from a family law attorney at our firm.

At Claery & Hammond, LLP we provide representation to individuals and families in San Diego who are in need of legal assistance and professional advice. No matter what your specific issue may be, an attorney from our firm will work hard to provide you with what you need to resolve the issue.

Not only do our attorneys handle divorce, but they also handle all the other legal issues that may accompany this, including child support, child custody, and spousal support/alimony. Deciding on these important matters is a must during a divorce, and sometimes it helps significantly to have an experienced divorce lawyer advising you on these issues.

Choose Experienced Legal Counsel

Our attorneys provide a wide range of services to families throughout San Diego and can help with divorce mediation, collaborative divorces, paternity actions, prenuptial agreements, document preparation, and military divorces. The issues facing San Diego families are numerous and we make it our goal to accommodate these varying needs as best as we can.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable, skilled, and dedicated family law team of attorneys to handle your legal issue, look no further than Claery & Hammond, LLP. The collaborative environment at our firm sets us apart from other firms. Contact us today to enlist outstanding representation for your divorce or family court case!

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  • More than 50 years of combined legal experience
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