Prenup Lawyer in San Diego

What Are the Benefits of a Prenup?

A prenuptial agreement is a formal agreement between two people who are about to get married. The agreement addresses each individual’s assets accumulated thus far, in an effort to separate whose property is whose in the event of a separation or divorce. Contrary to popular belief, prenuptial agreements aren’t plans for divorce; rather, they are ways of distinguishing one person’s assets from the others. In situations where a person has children from a previous marriage, a prenuptial agreement is a way to ensure that your children will be taken care of in the event of your death.

There are many positive things a prenuptial agreement can do for a couple’s future, and if you or someone you love is about to get married you should contact an experienced San Diego prenup attorney to discuss whether or not a prenuptial agreement is right for your situation.

The Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement in San Diego

Not only are prenuptial agreements good ways to protect your financial future, but they can also help pave the way for important conversations about finances that many couples neglect to have before they get married. Money is something that not many people are comfortable discussing, but for couples who are about to commit their lives to one another, this subject simply must be discussed. A prenuptial agreement will ensure that a couple will communicate about their finances and will help clear up any pressing issues before they become a real problem.

Protect Your Assets in the Future

At Claery & Hammond, LLP our family lawyers aid engaged couples in the drafting and implementation of prenuptial agreements. Many people in San Diego are under the impression that prenuptial agreements are only necessary for those who have large quantities of money, property, inheritance, etc. As a lawyer from our firm will tell you, everyone can benefit from having a prenuptial agreement, not just the wealthy.

For help with a prenuptial agreement or to learn more about how it could benefit your situation, contact a San Diego prenuptial agreement lawyer at Claery & Hammond, LLP today!

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