Post-Judgment Actions in San Diego

Enforcement of Support & Custody

The finalization of a divorce does not necessarily mean that every issue and dispute gets resolved. Many times, issues can surface following divorces that make post judgment actions necessary. If your circumstances have changed, or the circumstances of your ex-spouse or other parent have changed, a family lawyer from our firm can help you.

A post judgment action will make it possible to change the terms of any agreements that may have been made during a divorce, including child support amounts, child custody arrangements, visitation arrangements, or spousal support or alimony payments. No matter what you may need changed, or what your particular circumstances are, you should speak with an attorney who can help you make the amendments you need at this junction.

Child Support and Property Division in San Diego

The amount of a child support payment is one aspect that is frequently changed by post judgment actions in San Diego. Sometimes the non-custodial parent will lose their job, making it impossible to come up with child support each month. Sometimes an injury or lifestyle change may make it necessary to obtain a larger child support payment from a parent. Other times, a parent can fail to pay child support or fall behind on payments, making it necessary for a lawyer to take action to modify the agreement.

In most cases involving divorce, it must be decided how the couple’s assets will be divided. Typically a judge will provide specifics regarding the division of assets, and when either party to the divorce fails to follow the property division agreement, post judgment action may be taken with the help of an attorney. Oftentimes, proceeds from sold assets like homes or vehicles is not split properly between the couple, and in these cases a lawyer will have to return to court to make sure the agreement is enforced. Contact an attorney at Claery & Hammond, LLP today for more information about post judgment actions!

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