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Paternity Actions in San Diego County

A paternity action is brought with the purpose of establishing a biological relationship between a parent and a child. Whether or not a man is the father of a child is something that is frequently brought into question, and luckily there are a number of ways of resolving this issue. At Claery & Hammond, LLP our attorneys handle all the legal aspects of paternity actions and fathers' rights cases and make the necessary orders for custody, support, and visitation rights after paternity is established.

If you are questioning your legal responsibilities towards a child who may or may not be yours, or if you are the mother of a child and are unsure about who the biological father may be, you should schedule a consultation with a San Diego paternity lawyer at our firm.

Establishing Paternity in San Diego, CA

Paternity actions can be brought any time after a baby is conceived. In situations where the baby is not yet born, a paternity action may be brought to seek financial help to pay for expenses related to the pregnancy, such as doctor visits, medication, hospitalization during the birth, or any other related costs. Paternity actions may also be raised after the child is older to help pay for things like schooling, food, clothes, or any other necessities in life. In cases where paternity is admitted by both the father and mother, a family law attorney will assist you in drafting an agreement that will need to be signed by both parties.

If paternity is denied by either party, both may be ordered by court to undergo paternity testing to establish who is or is not the biological father of the child for the purpose of custody, support, and visitation rights. If you are interested in taking a paternity action, contact Claery & Hammond, LLP today to speak with a knowledgeable paternity lawyer in San Diego!

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